MelRae Pictures About
MelRae Pictures About

Kim Rowe

Managing Partner & Producer

In addition to Producing Melrae Pictures' upcoming film, Space Junk 3D, Kim served as Coordinating Producer on the award winning 3D Sun. As Managing Partner for Melrae Pictures, Ms. Rowe leads development for Melrae Pictures. She has over twenty years experience launching and developing successful marketing and communication campaigns. Kim Rowe brings a broad mix of corporate and community marketing expertise to Melrae Pictures allowing her to successfully connect corporate brand initiatives at the local level.

Ms. Rowe holds a MSW from the University of MN and a Mini Masters of Marketing Management from the University of St. Thomas.

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“3D Sun has been really well received... 3D really enhances [the movie]. It was the perfect venue for seeing the images.”

Cheryl Bauer, Smithsonian's National Air & Space Museum's IMAX Theater