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MelRae Pictures About

Melissa Butts

Founder & CEO

Melissa Butts is an award-winning director/producer, and internationally recognized as a leading authority and creator of 3D films. She is also the founder and chief executive officer of Minneapolis-based, Melrae Pictures. Ms. Butts is a frequent expert panelist at international film festivals, including France, Singapore and Italy; and premiers her work internationally alongside commercial blockbusters such as Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D, Monsters vs. Aliens, and U23D.

Ms. Butts began her career with the award-winning PBS series, Newton’s Apple, and continued building an impressive body of work as a multi-genre director/producer in documentaries, narrative film and television broadcasts. Her interest in 3D began while making a HD documentary, MARS: Future Frontiers, which followed the NASA mission in its attempt to find evidence of life on Mars. On this project, the spacecraft carried special 3D cameras, and the idea of using real-life 3D data to bring the audience closer to the science emerged as did a new version of the film, MARS 3D. An early adopter of new technology, MARS: Future Frontiers, was one of just two films to be shot in HD out of 70 in the 2004 AFI Silverdoc’s festival, and went on to win the Audience Award for “Best Short.”

Following the success of MARS 3D, Ms. Butts founded Melrae Pictures in 2004, and has become a sought-after authority on the future of 3D. Melrae Pictures most recent 3D release, 3D Sun, produced in cooperation with NASA is currently playing in IMAX 3D at the Smithsonian’s National Air & Space Museum and is currently in worldwide distribution. 3D Sun continues to be featured in 3D festivals around the world including Singapore’s 3DX, 3D Screenings ASIA, Festival de Cinema 3 Americas, Dimension 3, Venice Film Festival 3D Forum and the Walker Art Center¹s 2009 Women with Vision Series.

Ms. Butts credits include 3D Sun and Mars 3D, the narratives, Natural Born Salesman and One Thousand Feet Deep; the documentaries, MARS: Future Frontiers and Past Time; the live webcast, WYCLEF JEAN and the Refugees; Newton’s Apple for TV; and several commercials, including for Namco Bandai, MN Twins, Select Comfort, General Mills, Best Buy and Target. Ms. Butts holds a BA in Broadcasting and Film from the University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA, and resides in Minneapolis, MN.

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“Ms. Butts is so talented and watching her work is like a spiritual experience. 3D has come a long way, and I suspect (thank goodness) we’ll be hearing (and seeing) a lot more from the filmmaker, Melissa Butts.”

Robbie Vorhaus, Vorhaus Communications, Inc.