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3D Body Odyssey®

© 2014; Melrae Pictures — In Development

3D Body Odyssey will take audiences where only doctors have gone before: inside a real human body in three-dimensions to diagnosis, treat and cure. Audiences will stand alongside a team of doctors who are pioneering groundbreaking, 3D technology to see the body’s anatomy and function in 3D. Using these highly intuitive 3D images, doctors embark on a CSI-like problem solving approach, case by case, to define the best treatment option to increase patient wellness.

Each investigative 3D scene will be broken down into story sequences lending to real, take home educational moments. High-resolution 3D body scans from actual living bodies will inspire wonder in visitors as they better understand the interconnectedness of their own bodies. Seeing and looking are perhaps our most powerful measuring tools as humans. Today, doctors are on the threshold of complete 3D immersion inside the human body in real time. 3D Body Odyssey invites visitors to join doctors as they embark on a great adventure to see the inner body as no one has ever seen it before.