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Future Frontiers: MARS

© 2004 Twist; 20 minutes

This refreshing, candid look into NASA puts viewers shoulder-to-shoulder with scientists and engineers working on the Mars Exploration Rover Mission. From the intense story of how we landed on Mars successfully to the deeply satisfying scientific results that are being mined by twin Rovers and teams of scientists each and every day.

These twin Rovers still traversing the surface of Mars are the most powerful, compelling and successful robotic geologists ever to explore another planet. This program catapults the viewer to Mars through exclusive animations, dynamic scientist profiles that reveal the human side of the mission and startling photographs that are proving Mars to be a place once habitable to life.

A Twist production; Produced by Melissa Butts, Directed by Barry Kimm.


AFI/ Silverdocs - Audience Award
HD Fest

“I think it’s almost built into humans, that desire to experience what no one has ever experienced before, to see things that no has ever seen before.”

Dr. Steve Squyres