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© 2005-2014 Twist; 22 minutes

The unveiling of this film marks an important milestone: the first time NASA’s 3D footage has been adapted for public viewing in a motion picture format. Viewers will experience Mars as if they are standing on the planet’s surface and join the crew responsible for NASA’s recent and historic mission to Mars. The breathtaking landscapes and mysterious history of one of Earth’s closest neighbors in the universe are revealed through the now-famous twin robotic geologists, the Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity.

A Twist production in association with the Science Museum of Minnesota. MARS 3D was produced by Melissa Butts and directed and written by Barry Kimm.

Now available on Blu-ray DVD

“Mars in digital 3D. This is future tense from American Public Media. I’m John Gordon... Mars 3D is a 20 minute film that features footage captured by the 3 dimensional cameras aboard Spirit and Opportunity, the MARS rovers. Viewers get to reap the benefit of advanced film technology to get a “you are there” sense of the red planet.”

John Gordon, Future Tense, American Public Media